Woah, does
mean I’ll be able to more easily backup stuff from my iMac to my Solaris file server ? ZFS send/receive between Solaris and Mac OS X ? That’d be wonderful. In return, if we could also get an iTunes port to Solaris, I’d be even happier – Steve ?

Update, after my walk home this evening
Of course, it’s not just iTunes that I’d like to see ported to OpenSolaris. As an amateur photographer, I use Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Picture Code’s Noise Ninja fairly often. These apps which process large images absolutely crawl on my little iMac at home, but would go a lot faster on my dual Opteron in the office running Solaris Express. Heck – there’s a Grid on the network that’s built for applications like this. With a bit of gui interaction and a little network traffic, my problems would be solved (“Converting these CRW files to TIFF, applying Noise Reduction and converting to JPG will take approx. 12 hours on this machine, would you like this job completed in 10 minutes on the Sun Grid for only $5 ? Click here for more details”)

Anyone ? … Anyone ? … Bueller ? Anyone ? …

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