I’ve been trying to work out what to say today, the 1st anniversary of
Opening Day – a year ago, when OpenSolaris opened it’s doors.

Dan had a few excellent suggestions on what to talk about : a look back at
what we did during the year, a posting on the interactions we had for the year,
what’s possible, and what the future might look like. Well, never to be accused of doing things by half (except by the lovely Bob,
of course) I thought I’d try to cover all four, so here goes :-) !

I think the first interaction I had, was on the opensolaris-mktg@
alias – I’d come up with a few ideas about trying to promote the project a bit
more. Not long after that, I wrote a small article on
How To Help The Marketing Project
, which I hope has helped a bit. I also thought that it might be useful to throw together a
single place where
people could find all of the presentations that were given to the various
OpenSolaris user groups around the world.

A little bit later on, we started the Irish OpenSolaris User Group – okay, we
haven’t been quite as dilligent about holding meetings as we’d like, but we’re
getting there.

Then, a while after that, the ZFS project opened. As my day job was then ZFS test
development, I did my best to help
users who were seeing ZFS for the first time, tried to make ZFS mountroot a bit easier to set up, and came up with a few simple ideas that I thought would be cool — a

possible future ZFS-capable file manager
for the desktop, along with a
(albeit one that’s missing a dimension!) and a simple mechanism to take automatic snapshots of ZFS filesystems, which I’ve found pretty useful.

Now, all that might sound a bit egotistical. It’s not meant to be. These small things pale into total insignificance when compared what we
all have achieved as a community – I’m sure others will show what the
OpenSolaris project as a whole has done over the course of the last year : I’m
doing my best today, in a presentation to the Irish OpenSolaris
User Group –
Jim has
. But community is the point of this posting.

We’ve shown this year, that what we can do together is really something incredible.

The future ? Well, I truly believe the sky’s the limit. There are projects
on opensolaris.org that have the potential to help OpenSolaris reach a much
(much) wider audience, we just need to do it.

Glynn wrote a
mentioning a mantra that’s found in the GNOME community: JFDI, Just F*ing Do It! What an excellent ideal to follow. If something annoys you in
OpenSolaris, there’s nothing better than getting in there and having a
go at fixing it, or filing a bug, or rewriting that documentation, or
contributing to a spec being drafted, or writing a constructive post about how
to improve it things!

That principle has driven everything that I’ve tried to do on OpenSolaris this
year, and I know that others have been bitten by the bug.
Community work on OpenSolaris has been absolutely astounding this year
– we should celebrate, have a few beers – and use JFDI as a guiding light for
the coming year.

As for the last 365 days ? Well, we Just F*ing Did It !