Mike talking about ZFS at the IOSUG meeting

We had the 2nd IOSUG meeting yesterday. The evening went pretty well I think. Despite the short notice, the (uncommonly) good Irish weather & some sort of sports tournament that’s being held in Germany at the moment, all of which probably depleted our numbers a bit, we had 10 people turn up – though we’re already getting promises of more for our next meeting.

Thanks to everyone who was there – we hope you enjoyed the evening! We’ll be holding another within the next month or so – Sean mentioned a while back that he wouldn’t mind talking about DTrace, so that’s a possible topic, but we’ll see how things pan out.

Many thanks to Mike Byrne, who gave us an excellent presentation on ZFS, which generated quite a bit of discussion after the meeting – here’s hoping zfs-discuss will get even busier after yesterday!

I presented the slides I mentioned earlier, and hopefully left people with a few more interesting projects to get involved in – for those that missed it, I’ll go over the slides, and provide links to each project I mentioned in a future blog post.

Looking forward to the next meeting already!