Several people mailed me recently to ask if I’d noticed I’d won an OpenSolaris Contributor Award – well, yes I did, and was a little embarasssed: almost immediately this came to mind (even more so, when you look at the other folks who won!). But anyway, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for this, esp. to Jim, who nominated me! I’ll do my best to actually earn the award over the course of the coming year!

Yesterday, myself and the lovely Bob went over to Edinburgh for the day to meet some of her old college friends. Edinburgh’s a beautiful city – well worth a visit. We’ve been over quite a few times now, but there’s always something new to discover. Yesterday, in order to kill a few hours before we met the others, we visited the Camera Obscura there. Great stuff, and very interesting. Along with the camera, there’s an exhibition full of optical illusions, pin-hole photography demos, magic-eye images, holograms and all sorts of impossible things.

Make sure you bring someone else along when you’re going though, some of the demos work best when there’s two of you. In fact come September, all being well, there’ll be three of us for these sorts of things: the lovely Bob is currently 6 months pregnant, so we’ll hopefully be unleashing another small-Foster on the unsuspecting world! ;-). There’ll be more on this blog closer to September, and then probably then either complete silence for a while, or some rather erratic/late-night postings depending on small-Foster’s sleeping habits.

Anyway, back to Edinburgh – to add a bit to the
OpenSolarisEnthusiast pool
, I took a few photos while I was there – they’re added to the Flickr group : more additions to the pool are always welcome.

I hope to be adding more pretty soon – we’re heading to Barcelona for a few days vacation and to meet up with my sister Lyd, her s.o. Edu, and might bump into a wandering New Zealander while we’re there! We’re also heading up to Girona a little later in the week – so expect to see more OpenSolaris enthusiasm in the coming days..