So actually as it turns out, I didn´t get many fireworks photos last night.

Rather than the sorts of fireworks we´re used to at home (all illegal, of course),
the Spanish take a different approach to the problem. Rather than expend valuable
energy launching a rocket a few hundred feet into the air, a pause, followed by
an explosion in a colourful display, with a gentle “bang” & appropriate
amounts of fizzling and whizzing, the fireworks they were using last night
just concentrated on the task of going BANG. Loudly.

So loud, in fact, that my ears are still ringing a little bit this morning. After
each firework went off, if you hadn´t covered your ears, everything became a little
quieter, accompanied by a pure monotone for a second or two, after which your
hearing returned to normal. This left me with a problem though – how do
I take photos of just noise ?

Well, not having an oscilloscope to hand, here´s what I came up with:
the few seconds before and during one of these things going off (and if you´re
concerned about the camera shake, just picture me trying to take this shot!)
The originals could probably use some attention from NoiseNinja, but no pun
intended there, honest!