(A mail posted to the IOSUG mailing list follows)

Hi All,

We’re going to hold our 3rd meeting in a few weeks time – on Tuesday
25th July. In general, I think it might be good to try to always do one
on the last Tuesday in every month in the future, which would make it
easier to schedule things.

Here are the details for the next meeting:

Topic DTrace
Date Tue 25th July, 19:00
Location Sun Offices, East Point Business Park (directions)

This month’s main topic will be DTrace. Sean McGrath, an engineer in the
Sun Ireland Performance Group will give us an introduction to the
Dynamic Tracing facility in OpenSolaris and will also be doing some live
demos for us.

If you’re doing any application development on any UNIX-like
operating system, and that app can be compiled on OpenSolaris, then you
really should come along – DTrace is well worth a few hours of your time
(and it’ll almost certainly pay back that time a thousand-fold once you
learn how to use it!)

Sean’s asked that anyone who has applications which compile on
OpenSolaris (x86 if possible) that they bring them along, and we’ll have
a look at any possible performance problems they might have: DTrace is
best demoed on applications the audience is familiar with, so now’s your
chance – if a bit of software has been bugging you, and you’re not sure
what’s wrong, DTrace can help. Examples could be:

  • a webserver with unexplained (performance) problems
  • you want to see what xmms is really doing ?
  • how a shell script executes
  • why does my terminal-emulator take so long to scroll
  • (the list is endless)

We want your applications!

As well as that, I’ll try to do a quick run-down of OpenSolaris-related
things that have happened since our last meeting.

Regarding the location, that’s still a bit up in the air – if the East
Point venue suits everyone, then it’s easy enough for us to reserve
rooms here, with projectors, internet connections, etc. but if people
think that’s too inconvenient, other suggestions as to venues would be
welcome (esp. ones near pubs that stay open past 8pm (I’m looking at
you, East Point Bar!))

Finally, I’m Bcc:ing a few people who I think may also be interested,
but may not yet have signed up for the Yahoo! account in order to get to
our mailing list.

Sarunas mentioned at the last meeting that having an @opensolaris.org
mailing list might be a bit more convenient, so if everyone agrees with
moving the mailing list, then we’ll try to get that setup as well: just
let us know.

Thoughts and comments are welcome, and otherwise, see you on July 25th!
(oh, and tell your friends!)



Hope to see you there!