Those nice folks at Joyent sent me an email over the weekend, apologising for the delay in shipping the t-shirt I bought from them. “No problems at all – I’m a pretty patient guy”, I mailed back. Since I don’t yet need hosting, collaboration or backup services, I thought the least I could do is buy a t-shirt (though if ever I’m in the market for any of the above, I’ll give them a call)

So, while my t-shirt is merrily flapping it’s way across the Atlantic, I thought I’d head over to their weblog, which I hadn’t looked at in a while. I found this post which made me smile. I think it probably deserves a similarly written reply. Perhaps I’ll start thinking about it, but in the meantime, all I can say is “Me too”.

(except the bit about Barney – as a new father-to-be, the purple dinosaur fills me with the sort of fear I just can’t verbalise. Shudder.)