We held the 3rd Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting last night. 20 people showed up for the talk, which was more than last time – to the extent that we’ll have to book a bigger room for the next meeting (hurrah!)

Sean gave us an excellent introduction to DTrace, with demos a-plenty. Good questions were asked, and answered, and there did seem to be quite a lot of interest in the facilities DTrace can offer. If you’re looking for Sean’s slides, we’ve uploaded them here.

There’s no question that there’s a lot more to learn about DTrace, we just covered the bare essentials last night – Sean pointed to a few resources during his presentation, including the DTrace BigAdmin page, the (most excellent) DTrace manual, James’ “What is DTrace?” post and Brendan Gregg’s DTrace Toolkit.

I also ran through a shortlist of interesting OpenSolaris happenings since our last meeting in June, here’s that list:

Afterwards in the pub, there was some good chat over beers about how to get more people at these meetings (tell your friends, people!), what topics we should cover next, nice hardware designs and lots more.

So, we’re all ears as to what we could do at our next meeting, which will be on the 29th August – there’s a lot of things that we could talk about. Other user groups have covered a wide range of topics, is there anything in particuar that you’re interested in ?

Alternatively, one of the good suggestions floated, was to hold an OpenSolaris Installfest – BYOM (Bring Your Own Media!) so you can leave with your OpenSolaris-based distribution of choice, and hopefully also get that installed on your machine while you’re here.

Remember, this is your user group, so do voice your opinions over on the Irish OpenSolaris User Group mailing list. Many thanks to all who showed up yesterday, it was great to have you along – see you in August!