We held the 4th Irish OpenSolaris User Group meeting last night.

Sean did a quick demo of our Thumper, and I gave a run-through of some of the OpenSolaris August highlights.

I then walked through a Solaris Express install on my laptop, from the initial steps of reallocating diskspace from a windows partition, to configuring a Solaris install, and then finally what steps you need to do after installing your machine.

We didn’t get as large a turnout as I’d hoped – perhaps that’s because everybody who would normally come to the meetings already knows how to install OpenSolaris! However, we’d welcome your ideas on what you’d like to hear about at the next meeting. In general, what sort of category do you guys fall into ?

  • New OpenSolaris users
  • Sysadmins looking for information about administering OpenSolaris-based systems
  • Budding kernel programmers
  • (all of the above?)

Without feedback, it’s really hard to know what sort of material would be well received, so please join our mailing list and give us your thoughts!

If you wanted to be at yesterday’s meeting, but just couldn’t make it, don’t worry – at all of our meetings, we have laptops and usb-disks on hand with the latest OpenSolaris distributions and source code, so you can get them from us at that stage.

Our next meeting will be held on September 26th – see you then!