Wow – here’s a birthday card I didn’t quite expect to get this morning. I have to admit, it threw me a bit, but in a good way of course.

Not much planned for the day – work, followed by home, some nice food, and greeting any spooky visitors that may happen upon our doorstep. We’ve been participating in Halloween in our own way over the last few weeks, with all sorts of ghastly shrieks, cries and groaning: and that’s just from Bananas!

I was looking forward to the usual amount of fireworks later on, but there’s been a big crack-down on them in Ireland this year, with the minister announcing new penalties of up to €10,000 or 5 years in prison. To an extent, this is a good thing – we need fewer 11 year olds blowing their fingers off, but on the other hand, perhaps an 18’s certificate for buying fireworks would have been sufficient? It’s hard to outlaw stupidity.

Now, there are public events being held in the city to appease the pyrotechnician in you: probably won’t be able to make it myself, but it sounds like it’ll be good.

All the same, I’ll keep the camera handy later on – who knows what bright, colourful lawlessness Halloween night will bring to the Raheny suburbs!