Wow – this is a very good thing.

Having been heavily involved in the open sourcing of a (very small) project myself, I can well imagine the huge amount of work that must have gone on behind the scenes in order to get Java released: big ups to the people that made it happen!

I’m not getting to write as much Java these days as I used to, but as a programming environment, I’ve always really enjoyed working with Java – Netbeans made that experience better still, so here’s hoping that the open sourcing of the language and platform will open the doors to an even brighter future for everyone.

Oh, interesting factoid, vaguely related to this topic: the first project that I was the lead engineer for in the Sun European Localisation group, was for JDK 1.1, back in 1996 – writing fonts.properties files for a bunch of European locales on Solaris 2.6. Wonder are any of my additions still in there ? (I’m guessing not, but you never know!)