I saw a Microsoft Vista ad on TV this evening. The thing is, it left me feeling a bit sad.

The commercial begins by showing a range of feel-good scenes: you know, things like waking up to see a blanket of snow covering your street, a man seeing a deer standing outside his house as he leaves for work (erm?), a runner stopping to turn around to admire the amazing view behind her. Each scene ended with the subject in-frame exclaiming “Wow!”

We then cut to a man in a sparse room opening a laptop, the screen starting to illuminate his face, as he exclaims “Wow”. Kinda depressing, given all the wild and emotive images we were presented with earlier in the ad. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but this association fell flat on it’s face for me.

I’m betting the laptop user in the closing scene had just finished reading the Vista EULA or has just worked out the implications of all that content protection crap he’s signing up for.

“Every so often you experience something so new bad, so delightfully terribly unexpected, there’s only one word for it.”

Says it all really.