We had a fairly good turn-out last night, despite the terrible weather, we had 20 people show up.

I gave a quick run through of some of the more notable things that have been going on in OpenSolaris since our last meeting in September. I’ve posted my slides here. Putting these slides together was a rather enlightening experience, going through the OpenSolaris announcements, discuss archives and Glynn‘s weekly summary mails to try to trim 6 months of amazing progress down to only a few slides: one thing I hope was clear – there’s been a lot of work done in the OpenSolaris community over the last half-year.

Then John gave a whirlwind tour of the Java-GNOME bindings on OpenSolaris – really interesting stuff. We don’t have slides yet for this talk, but hopefully will be able to link to them once John’s presented these next week over at the OpenSolaris Developer Conference.

Oh yes, we had beer and pizza too. And it was good.

We’re looking for speakers and topics for our future talks, so
please let us know
if you can help out. Talking to some nice folks from the Dublin University Internet Society, they expressed interest in helping us host future meetings at TCD which was very greatly appreciated – a more central location in Dublin will, I hope, get attendance up a bit! Hope you enjoy the swag, guys :-)