We held the 7th meeting of the Irish OpenSolaris User Group last night in TCD, and got a pretty good turn out, I think.

I presented a long overdue introduction to OpenSolaris, titled OpenSolaris by Numbers – my aim being to give a general overview of the project just using numbers to explain it (sometimes in an almost Terry Pratchett sense).

I’ve got slides and notes on the talk online now. I’d be interested in hearing whether you think this is a good way to introduce OpenSolaris ? My talk borrowed pretty heavily from Jim’s excellent OpenSolaris Story presentation, thanks for that Jim!

Fintan also gave a great talk about making changes to OpenSolaris, and how you can build and install your own set of ON bits, and we succeeded BFUing his laptop to the latest OpenSolaris bits, proving it could still boot :-)

I also gave a quick summary of what’s been going on in the project during March – hope that was useful ?

After the meeting, we headed over to the Long Stone for a few pints and some excellent conversation. Completely forgot to take any photos of the day, but hopefully Alberto will upload a few to his Flickr account at some stage.

We’ll be holding our next meeting on April 24th, with the possibility of something happening between now and then (sorry don’t have details yet) In the meantime, as ever, we welcome suggestions about future topics – let us know via our mailing list.

Update: Fintan’s slides are also posted now.