We’ve pretty much got everything sorted out for our next user group meeting – Eoin Hughes & Alberto Ruiz are going to be presenting OpenSolaris for GNU/Linux Users.

The talk is at 7pm in the Robert Emmet Theatre, in the Arts Block in TCD – thanks again to Netsoc for the venue.

This talk should be a good introduction to some of the things GNU/Linux users may initially find a bit daunting when they start playing with OpenSolaris. Earlier this week, I came up with a longer list of things that would also be worth covering at some stage, but it was pointed out that such a talk would likely take hours to present. Small steps Tim! (not that using OpenSolaris is complex, just that I was perhaps being a bit over-enthusiastic)

In other news, I’m up to my eyes this week, spending it mostly away from email on a training course (as a student, not a teacher) Despite being busy, and pretty wrecked at the end of the day, I’m having tons of fun – and we’re only on day 2! It’s really excellent digging around the guts of OpenSolaris, having an instructor to bug about details, and having quick and easy access to the source code is proving enlightening.

I own a copy of the excellent Solaris Internals book and have been working my way through it as well, but with a 6 month old baby in the house, I’m finding that reading Big Elephant and Little Elephant tends to take precedence these days!

I wonder is there a market for a chewable, fabric edition of Solaris Internals, with large print and cartoon illustrations? (hint: I’d buy it!!)