Things went well at last night’s IE-OSUG meeting. We had about 20 people show up for our topic – a fairly high-level talk aimed at OpenSolaris for GNU/Linux users. While we glossed over a lot of technical detail, I think for people who’ve never used OpenSolaris before, these talks were fine.

If you missed the meeting, don’t panic – we’ve got the slides as well as audio from the talks in mp3 form available online. I did a quick and dirty cleanup of the recording last night after the meeting, trying to correct levels when questions were asked from the audience. I was using an old Sun microphone pointed at the presenter on the night, and it’s range wasn’t fantastic. I’ll keep practising my audio-editing skills for the next meeting. (been thinking for a while that an OpenSolaris podcast would be really cool… )

To kick things off, I gave a quick run down of some of the more notable events in April – my slides are available if you want to see these, essentially selections from Glynn’s excellent weekly news mails (55, 56, 57

Then Eoin Hughes presented a whirlwind intro to SMF, /dev and packaging in OpenSolaris – slides here. Again, this was a high-level introduction, not an in-depth examination of these things.

Alberto Ruiz then presented a brief look at device naming in OpenSolaris, some basic networking configuration, and a quick look at ZFS. (I loved slides 17, 18 & 19, though I could happily add more suggestions to his list :-)

Finally, Michal Pryc gave a pretty fast demo of ZFS – it’s hard to demo all of ZFS in only a few minutes, so we may need to revisit that (again!) at some point in the future. As they say though, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo is worth a million more, so it was great to have the demo.

We then all retired to the nearby Porterhouse, for good beer and excellent conversation. Thanks again to the Netsoc folks for helping out with the venue.

Our next talk will be on May 29th, and we’re still thinking about what to present – but if you have any ideas, please let us know!