I think I’m addicted to Peggle – I wonder are there any voluntary organisations out there that can help me?

This game is just amazing – it won me over in the first 5 minutes of playing and now has me completely hooked. Seriously, whoever thought of zooming in on that last peg in slow motion and blasting out Beethoven with appropriate amounts of fireworks and rainbows in the background should be given a large pay-rise. Even the “loading…” screen is classy.

Peggle is a marvelous game, the best €20 I’ve spent in a while: find a Windows PC and go play it!

Having said that, I’d really love to see this game get ported to Java so I could run it on Solaris, I’d even pay double for the privilege – any chance of that Popcap? (and yes, I’ve already bought a copy to run on my in-laws PC here in Carrickfergus!)