My daily commute used to be right though the busiest bits of Dublin city centre – College Green. Done fast, on a Rockhopper, this was an absolute blast – nothing concentrates the mind in the mornings like the prospect of impending 16-wheel death looming up behind. I came off the bike once or twice (once at the wheels of Dublin Bus!) but lived to tell the tale.

Since moving out to Raheny, and riding a recumbent these days, my commute isn’t as mad-frantic as it used to be. It’s hard to weave through traffic on my recumbent, perhaps I just need more practice, but those cycle lanes make life so easy…

Anyway, City Cycling this month has a lovely article on the joys of Traffic Jamming:

There is nothing that puts a grin on my face like slipping through a congested mass of fuming cars and fuming drivers baking in their own juices on a hot summer’s day. It’s the real-world equivalent of a video game: a bike may not be equipped with laser cannons for shooting down obstacles, but it’s still a matter of skill, prescience, lightning-quick reactions, agility and speed to get through in the best possible time. Cycling to work in an hour each morning wasn’t just putting my head down and beasting it on the open roads: it was navigating the rush-hour traffic with flair and panache and a degree of cockiness bordering on recklessness — just like Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon smuggling that Glitterstim spice. I could have chosen quieter back roads and avoided the traffic, but that would have taken longer and, critically, not been nearly as much fun.

Says it all really. You can read the entire article here.