Here’s a post I didn’t want to have to write – got a call late this afternoon in the office from the missus saying that she’d been involved in a car crash.

I dropped everything, and ran (not walked) to the Dart St. to get to Raheny, followed by a very fast taxi-ride to where she had the accident. The ambulance & police were there at that stage. The missus had been rear-ended by a guy behind who wasn’t paying attention, she in turn had hit the car in front, but appeared to have only caused a scratch to that car. Above all, I’m thankful that nobody was hurt. When I got to the scene the missus was swapping insurance details with the other party, and Bananas was happily grinning at the Gardaí.

Our car wasn’t quite so lucky – it’s rear-end seems rather unwell:

I was able to drive the car home, but it sounded pretty rattly, and the Gardaí had advised us to not drive it any further than the garage after that. We’ve phoned the insurance companies, and are going to pop down to the garage tomorrow morning to see what the extent of the damage is.

My (unprofessional) opinion is that given that you can see a bit of the chassis protruding from the bumper, and that the rear seat-bench is out of alignment, that it’s possible the chassis has been warped, which might mean a write-off. Any other opinions?

Needless to say, I don’t give a hoot about the car, and am so amazingly thankful that both the missus and Bananas are okay. Phew, what a day – apologies if ZFS didn’t get all of my attention today.