We held the 10th IE-OSUG meeting last night. It’s exam-time at the moment for
a lot of students in Ireland, and last night’s attendance reflected
that – we had about 13 people show up for the talk.

I gave the monthly news summary for May, pdf available with links to the
various news items I talked about. These are just a sampling of the
project activities over the past month, so I’m sure I’ve left important stuff
out – let me know if I should have mentioned something that you care about.

Fintan then gave a great talk about
SMF, again his slides are available online. We had a few questions at the end of
his presentation and the audience seemed pretty interested in the topic.

After the meeting, we headed on to the Porterhouse for good beer and excellent conversation – as usual, thanks to the Netsoc folks for helping out with the venue!

We had a bit of a problem with the audio recording of last night’s talk
unfortunately. Our OpenSolaris Roadies managed to wire our
microphone incorrectly – when I got home to check out the recording of the
meeting, I found I had recorded an hour of silence. I’m really sorry about that folks – you
just can’t get decent roadies these days, if you want to apply for the job,
let me know. Perhaps next time, two independent recorders would be worth having!

However, to make up for it, I re-recorded my “OpenSolaris In Review, May 2007” talk this morning, and have it online here in mp3 form. Let me know if you find it useful?

The bits of music at the beginning and
end of the recording come from Soft Vinyl Finish, and are licensed under the
Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike license
. I’m new to this audio-recording game, so
comments would be appreciated.

Finally, I’d like wish all the IE-OSUG folks who are doing exams at the moment the best of luck – hope the exams go okay!