It’s my first Father’s Day today, and so far, it’s going pretty well! After doing a bleary-eyed nappy change at 07:00, and being presented with a lovely card (seen here) from Bananas, I was treated to a lie-in till 10:25 – pure luxury.

Then later on, with her usual excellent sense of timing, Bananas uttered her first coherent word! And given the day that was in it, she decided it would be “Dada” – well, perhaps a bit closer to “Dhra dhra”, but that was good enough for me, I was thrilled! Tim still very much in proud-parent mode, can you tell?

Not much planned for the rest of today, but the missus tells me that there just happens to be mascarpone cheese and cream in the fridge, along with cold coffee, savoiardi biscuits, sugar and and ample supply of marsala – which can mean