I’ve just updated the Irish OpenSolaris User Group home page with details of our next meeting. We’re trying something new this month, Lightning talks about OpenSolaris. I’m not sure how well this will work – it really depends on you to put together and present a talk!

So far, here’s the talks we’ve got:

  • BFU^HI – A Blindingly Fast Introduction to OpenSolaris
  • June in review
  • 2007 – some fast highlights

… and those are just talks I’m planning on giving – Please send mail to the Irish OpenSolaris User group list if you’d like to be added to the schedule!

We’ll also have an install server setup, so you can get your machine installed on the night, or you can bring along blank media to take copies of the latest OpenSolaris distributions.

Finally, since June marks the 2nd Anniversary of OpenSolaris.org, we hope that WE CAN HAS BIRTHDAY CAIK as well – I’ll try to bring food of some sort :-)