Great stuff, finally I can talk about my day-job! Jim posted details
about the ZFS Test Suite and where you can download it.

The ZFS test suite covers a wide range of ZFS functionality, not stress or performance tests yet. With over 400 test cases (and a lot more variations within) we think it’s pretty good at testing ZFS functionality, and as the ZFS developers can hopefully can attest to, it does find bugs from time to time :-)

We’re adding more tests all the time, and the hope to be able to do all of our future test development in the open, rather than using a periodic source-drop, of which this is the first. Still, small steps for now – we’ll get there eventually.

If you’re interested in seeing what exactly we’re looking at, here’s the current list of the extracted assertion statements from the ZFS test suite generated by a little bit of awk this afternoon. A pretty interesting read!

The README contains more information about using the suite, let us know if you’ve any questions about it?

As Mike points out, at the moment there’s 7 active developers on the test suite, but we’d love more help, so let us know if you can spot functional test areas we’ve missed, or whether you’re interested in helping out?