I’ve just posted my slides from last night’s IE-OSUG meeting. Glynn has already posted his excellent slides – and I’ve also updated The Irish OpenSolaris User Group Podcast feed with the audio of the talk.

The audio is a bit noisy I’m afraid, but I did my best – if anyone wants to send me a decent mic, or perhaps take over as sound-engineer, perhaps the audio quality will improve, but feedback would be welcome.

My take-away from the meeting last night ? Indiana sounds like a really exciting project, and I believe that it will enrich the OpenSolaris community for the better, we just need to hang in there, think positively and help where we can.

Marcus Brody: The search for the Grail is the search for the divine in all of us. But if you want facts, Indy, I’ve none to give you. At my age, I’m prepared to take a few things on faith.