Nothing profound to say here – except that I’m doing my best to try to get the work life balance right. I’ve always found it very difficult to manage this, spending a bit too much time at work – in recent years, I’ve tended to get to December every year with loads of my vacation time still intact, and I spend way too much time reading work-mail when not at work. Not good, have to get better at that.

So, having already spent an excellent weekend down in Wicklow with the whole family (Glynn, Lydia & Edu were visiting from New Zealand and Barcelona respectively and Duncan & Denise were down from Carlingford – a good time was had by all ), today, I took a day off. I’ve been pretty busy with work-related stuff of late, and I decided that having a non-work day would probably do me some good.

I’d originally intended to catch up on some OpenSolaris reading (which I don’t usually class as “work”, it not being my actual day job) that I’ve been meaning to investigate for ages, but then thought – “Hang on, that’s still work-related. And just because we have Bananas signed up for a creche, doesn’t mean we have to send her every day – besides, I’ve been doing more than enough OpenSolaris stuff recently. Time for a break.”

So, I decided to look after my daughter all day – reading children’s books, feeding her breakfast, lunch & a mid-afternoon snack, taking a walk around the gorgeous rose garden in St. Anne’s Park, stopping on the way home for an ice-cream (for myself, not Bananas – sorry, but she’s only 9.5 months old and ice-cream is not on the menu yet!) and generally having a pretty relaxing time of it.

Note to self: this was a really enjoyable day, and no computers necessary – really must do it again sometime (But yes, the fact that I’m blogging about work-life balance, probably means I haven’t got there yet. I’ll keep trying – any tips? )