Hurrah! Canon announced their new EOS 40D and it appears to have fixes for all the things I’ve whinged about previously – notably, an ISO readout in the viewfinder (a must for any digital camera imho), and something to deal with dust – in the form of the sensor-shaker system they brought in on the 400D.

I still don’t understand why a simpler solution wouldn’t have been sufficient (or complimentary) to keep out that nasty dust. Something along the lines of a sliding door to the light box that closes when you remove the lens, but I’ll bow to their superior wisdom here.

Some of the other features are a bit weird – like the AF-ON button – isn’t that just dedicating a button to what you could previously do with a custom function? That is, moving AF to the AE lock (“*”) button on the back, my preferred mode of operation.

Still this is all academic – I’m not in the market for a new camera at the moment, but if I was I’d certainly be looking at a 40D pretty closely – though I’d be wondering perhaps whether a 5D replacement is imminent ? For now, though, I’m still happy with my aging 10D – after all, it’s what’s behind the camera that counts ultimately…