I’ve just finished recording another episode of The Irish OpenSolaris User Group Podcast. At last month’s meeting, we didn’t have a chance to do our usual monthly run-down of what’s new and interesting in OpenSolaris.

Since our last meeting was on August 12th, and our next meeting is on September 25th, that means we’d have two and half months of news to catch up on – which would be a lot to take in for one session. So instead, I’ve gone back over events that have happened since July, and put together a podcast with my thoughts on what’s been going on. I’ve got show notes here, and a direct link to the mp3 if RSS isn’t your thing.

All feedback welcome!

Of course, in writing this blog post, I’ve just realised that I’ve missed a piece of news that some may find newsworthy – a heads up welcoming John Beck as the new tech lead for Nevada and applauding my SEED mentor, Mark J. Nelson for his 3+ year leadership of Nevada and his amazing work in that role – quite an achievement, congratulations Mark for getting out alive! :-)