I added a topic suggestion today to the OpenSolaris Summit wiki, titled “Project Indiana, an exercise in compromise”, and thought it might be worth expanding a little on the topic here – at least to get people thinking about the summit before October.

I’m thrilled that I’m getting the opportunity to attend the summit, and am definitely looking forward to meeting everyone there, to help shape the future of Project Indiana – if you’re interested in doing likewise, you should sign up now!

One of the things I’m concerned about, is that clearly, the folks who are travelling and taking time out of their weekend, are the ones that are really passionate about the project. Don’t get me wrong, passion is a good thing, but I hope everyone gets what I see as the end-goal of the summit. That is, how to get the first release out the door.

With that in mind, we’re going to have to work hard to find the best compromise of all the ideas that people have about the project, thinking about the short-term “let’s ship it” as well as the longer term “is this the best we can make it ?”

With a 6 month release cycle, even if we don’t get everything perfect the first time around (which we won’t) there’s ample opportunity to nail it in another six months. I hope the project leaders will be able to describe their view of Indiana – and with feedback from the attendees will be able to find the best way to achieve that view, and that will mean making compromises on our personal or collective goals. As the wikipedia entry notes though, compromise doesn’t always have negative connotations…

Roll on October, but between then and now – comments welcome!