If something were available that, on plugging a USB disk into an OpenSolaris laptop, would automatically snapshot any filesystems you cared about, and would send incremental ZFS send-streams to that disk (incremental, based on the last stored snapshots to that disk), would this be useful to anyone?

I’ve been playing around with HAL and D-Bus over the last few days, and I’ve nearly got something that works – thanks for the tip Darren! You specify the ZFS filesystems you want saved, along with the volume names of the USB disks which should be used as backing stores
(these are assumed to be pcfs for now) and everything just works.

As with my
previous SMF explorations
, this will be an easy-to-configure SMF service, and will be totally automatic once you’ve set it up.

You could configure multiple backup services across different USB devices, say watching for a particular 1gb memory stick for frequent small incremental backups of your development workspaces, as well as say, a 700gb external disk, for less frequent full larger backups of different filesystems.

The theory here, is that the best backups are the ones you don’t have to think about – plugging a disk into your laptop, and having the right stuff happen seems like a pretty easy solution to me.

This stuff still needs polish, but depending on feedback, I’ll spend more/less time on finishing this up, but it was one of my ideas for the “ZFS to the Max” talk in October so I hope to have something concrete by then.