I’m heading out to California tomorrow morning – need to get to Dublin airport for a 6:45 flight to Heathrow, followed by a 11ish connection to San Francisco. This means getting up at 4am – I can take it. By Thursday at the latest (hopefully Wed afternoon) I’ll be wandering around the halls of MPK17, so say “hi” if you see me!

I’m very much looking forward to the weekend’s OpenSolaris Summit and the subsequent Sun conference (no, it’s not CEC – though I wonder how I could wrangle myself into getting there next year, sounds like fun!) Along with meeting lots of OpenSolaris people, who I’ve only known from email so far and have never met in person (_ ok, with a few exceptions _), one of my tasks for the weekend, is moderating the “ZFS to the max” discussions on Sunday, which started here, wandered happily along, and so far have made it as far as hereish.

With Indiana, we’ve got a huge opportunity to push ZFS as the default filesystem on a new operating system distribution and show the world how things could be – I really hope we’ll have the courage to do so, and take best advantage of the capabilities it offers. That said, I’m all ears about what other weird and wonderful things ZFS could let us do on a developer-oriented distribution of OpenSolaris. Let’s really go for it and see what happens!

As a side note, I’m also going to be at the mercy of the sat-nav system I got recently – here’s hoping those maps are up to date. If you don’t see me in Santa Cruz, then you know why :-)