I’m back from my trip over to the OpenSolaris Developer Summit in California. My brain hasn’t quite worked that out yet, but I’m sure it’ll catch up eventually. Along with the OpenSolaris summit, I was also able to get to meet more test folks based in MPK and a bunch of really nice people working on various open source technologies at Sun.

I had a fantastic time over in California, but the OpenSolaris summit was the high point for me, and was a massive success I think. While it’s clear there’s a lot of work we still need to do in OpenSolaris, I left with the impression that OpenSolaris is making huge progress – the talk of the packaging system, and demos of LiveMedia and Compiz were jaw-dropping and conversations about driver support were also hugely encouraging – I can’t wait for suspend/resume! It was also great to chat with the people that are helping to work the kinks out of the various processes that we’re all struggling with at the moment.

I made a lot of new friends, too many to list here, and am definitely looking forward to the next OpenSolaris summit (in 6 months time ?) Perhaps Jesse will have recovered by then, and will be raring to go organise another one :-) Big ups to Ian, Sara, Glynn & Jesse and everyone else who made the first summit happen – thanks all!

Of course, between now and then, I’ve a bit of work to do – from my ZFS To The Max talk, people seemed pretty keen to get the ZFS Automatic Snapshots & ZFS Automatic Backup services baked into the October Indiana preview, so I don’t have long to polish them up a bit and get them into pkg(5) format (as soon as I work out what that is :-) otherwise, at least getting from the current tarballs into SVR4 packages would be a good start.

If anyone would like to help with an early codereview of the existing versions of those ZFS SMF services (links to the tarball sources above), I’d really appreciate the help. I’ve a few minor changes to make to them, apart from the packaging changes, and perhaps I’ll get them posted on cr.opensolaris.org for more review once that’s done. Ian mentioned that he was interested in better GUI configuration for these, so if anyone else (Erwann ?) wants to help out there, I’d love the help – I still haven’t got around to learning GTK unfortunately, so zenity is my fallback at the moment.

Oh, I also discovered on Wednesday after chatting with Brendan about some ZFS testing, that I completely suck at Fishpong. Thinking about that on the flight home, I figured that my working out who was playing on which teams would have been a good start – I’ll keep practising!