I’ve just completed October’s (slow, manual) crawl of mail.opensolaris.org in order to put together an OpenSolaris in review, October 2007 post. Let me know in comments to this post if you think I’m missing something important, and I’ll update the file.

This has been an amazing month in terms of progress for OpenSolaris, and I still feel like I’m only scratching the surface, just bringing you the things that have jumped out at me on the various lists. I’m not subscribed to all of them, but a monthly wander through mail.opensolaris.org is pretty enlightening. In some senses, working on OpenSolaris is a bit like being a kid in a sweetshop – there’s so much stuff to get your teeth into, it’s hard to know where to start. What do I work on next ?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the IE-OSUG meeting later today (it’s nearly 1am on Thursday here) where I usually present these roll-ups, but I’m sure Sean will be able to present this much more competently than I could :-) Enjoy!