I’ve had a terrific morning so far, excellent presents – the missus got me the new William Gibson book and a copy of Vahalia’s Unix Internals[1] and my folks gave me baselayer for cycling in – thanks all, you’re way too generous :-)

As usual though, the great thing about having a birthday today, is Halloween – Bananas’ creche are having a party today, and everyone was to come in fancy dress, so if you were up early enough this morning, you’d have seen a little pumpkin waddling around Raheny. A few photos over on flickr if you’re brave enough!

Hopefully fireworks tonight, which I’ll try to post later on, as appears to be traditional by now – and having just seen the contents of our fridge, I’ve a feeling desert might be wonderful!

[1] Thanks for the recommendation sch, looks like great read – shipped really quickly from abebooks too.