I’m really lucky – this is the 2nd time there’s been a major OpenSolaris event around my birthday (the last time was when we integrated a new filesystem) and while this isn’t ZFS, you could argue that for OpenSolaris as a whole, it’s nearly as important.

The Indiana developer preview was released last night, and Dublin celebrates: these were the scenes around Raheny earlier –

(ok, I guess they’re saving the big fireworks for the main release!)

The folks who working on getting this out have been putting in long hours, and I’m thrilled that they did so. Yes, it’ll have bugs, yes it might be controversial in places, but the fact that this happened all outside the Sun firewall, on opensolaris.org, on time, and is totally redistributable is a definitive milestone for OpenSolaris and a credit to the community of development engineers, test engineers, program managers and all other associated support people involved. If you see any of them in the street, please drag them to the nearest bar and buy them a beer.

I stayed up till 2am last night, hoping to post this – but I guess my body clock’s just not on Guam time :-) I know, I’m such a lightweight!