It bothers me that some on don’t seem to understand the value of our brand.

Here’s a conversation with a man on the street:

What’s on your laptop?”
“Uh ?”
“I mean – what OS are you running ?”
“Oh, uh – not sure. Oh, hang on – it’s “Windows” I think.”
“XP or Vista ?”
“Huh ?”
“What Service Pack – SP1 or SP2 ?”
“Now, look here…”
“Which build ?”
“Get away from me, you freak!”

We’ve got a golden opportunity in OpenSolaris to call a distribution “OpenSolaris” to simplify the conversation above and to get more people using our OS and we don’t appear to be going for it.

Worse yet, we’ve got a bunch of nerds (I mean that in a nice way) telling a bunch of people in Marketing how to do their jobs, that they know best for the OpenSolaris brand, and that the marketing folks haven’t a clue.

At best this is misguided, at worst, it’s disrespectful. If someone in Marketing was to come up to me to tell me how to test Solaris (my current day job) I’d likely tell them where to stick it.

I believe that at least having a go at a distribution called “OpenSolaris” and seeing what the uptake of it is from people who don’t currently use it is a worthwhile experiment, and as I said on the lists last night, if it doesn’t bring us the volume that OpenSolaris technically deserves, then we can try another tack. If you don’t like the idea, at least give me the chance to be proven wrong.

We have people experienced in software marketing who are telling us that this is absolutely the right thing to do, and we’re not only not listening to their advice, but also deriding them along the way, and that makes me sad. In short – I just don’t get it either.