Coté suggested that the monthly OpenSolaris reviews that I’ve been doing would be great to have in an RSS feed somewhere. That makes sense – so I’ve put together this one: fire up your RSS readers, and point them to:

Of course, there is also the excellent OpenSolaris Newsletter – but I think it can’t hurt to have more than one view of events out there, and specifically, these are my view of things. (as if needs more opinions at the moment ! :-)

I could well be missing important projects, misinterpreting the significance of events, and otherwise getting things downright wrong, but I do try my best. So please, treat these not as a canonical reference of everything that’s been happening, but more as a window into OpenSolaris, why it’s exciting, and what you can get involved with.

I put these together each month for the Irish OpenSolaris User Group meetings, which are recorded on our podcast: often the verbal commentary is as useful as the raw links themselves I think, but the links are still handy to have – here’s the story so far:

For future reviews, I’ll just inline html here – and point to to the relevant podcast episodes with each. Comments welcome.