I last wrote about Solaris on the desktop nearly 3 years ago I think. Well, this evening, while browsing through blog referers, I came across this post, which I think is worth reading. Some positives, some negatives, but I particularly liked this part:

[ ... ] So what’s my point? The fact that I’m even bothering to voice these petty complaints about a Solaris system is fairly amazing. Think of all the things I’m not complaining about: X came up like magic, with the right screen resolution for my 24″ LCD panel. Audio works. Really – it just works. WIFI works, to my great amazement. I booted up, it asked me what wifi network to connect to, I provided it with my WEP key (which I have memorized, thankfully), and it just freaking worked. I’m still a bit stunned at that one. I mean, Ubuntu works that smoothly these days, but it’s still a pain in the ass to get Windows to work with the average wifi card if the driver for it isn’t included with Windows. Holycrap, Solaris beats windows at network configuration. Never thought I’d see the day. [ source: Wibblelog ]

Yes, there’s still the naming thing, but all things considered, we’re not doing too bad at all.