I’d love to try OpenSolaris on something like this:

More details here,
here and


In terms of performance, while it doesn’t appear to have the fastest
CPU in the world, it’d probably be a lot faster than my 733mhz PIII, 256mb RAM
which is able to run snv_70 with a pretty
acceptable user experience for basic applications.

[ aside: I’m trying to get Indiana on the gx110 at the moment – I’ve booted the livecd to console mode, and am running the installer from a remote X session though. Getting the GNOME desktop to start took a loong time, and I ran out of patience waiting for the installer to load, but this machine is definitely not the target audience of Indiana, so I’m pleasantly surprised I’ve got this far – on more realistic developer machines, the installation experience is much much nicer. I’ll add comments if the install finishes. ]

Back on topic – for the most part, the Eee PC appears to tick all the boxes for a laptop for me
– small, light, reasonable battery life, but most especially, it’s portable (though having not seen one in real-life, I wonder if the screen is too small?).

A 15″ laptop like the Ferrari was a bit too heavy for the bike.
I had been thinking about a Toshiba M500,
having had happy experiences of an M100 a few years back (and am currently using
a borrowed one with a cracked screen as a work-from-home desktop), but I’ve been
holding off asking for a new laptop until something lighter than the Tecra M5 appears in our internal laptop purchasing
system. If this Asus ran OpenSolaris though, it’s nearly cheap enough for me to just
buy one myself, rather than wait for the folks at CAMs to get them in…

Anyway, if anyone would like to send me a review model ( >= 512mb RAM if possible),
I’d be more than happy to try OpenSolaris on it and report back my experiences! Based on the specs, does anyone know how much of the hardware is supported by OpenSolaris already ?