Last night, Michal gave a great talk & demo of IPS, the new package management system that’s being developed for OpenSolaris.

In my book, nothing beats a demo, and Michal didn’t disappoint – we got to see a package server being started, a package being created and published to the server, and finally being installed on an image, and refreshed along the way. I’m not entirely sure how well this will come over on the audio (haven’t re-listened to it yet) but I’m sure Michal will be willing to answer any and all questions about it! Of course, if you’re hungry for more pkg(5)-related stuff, you should also check out Stephen’s talk, with accompanying audio – pkg(5) at the OpenSolaris Developer Summit.

I also gave the monthly run-down of OpenSolaris news – based on this list of links.

The audio from the meeting has been added to our podcast feed and we’ve also got a direct link to the mp3 for those so inclined.

I don’t know if we’ll hold a user-group meeting in December – the thinking being, that a lot of folks have pretty busy social calendars running up to Christmas, but please let us know via our mailing list if there’s anything in particular you’d like to talk about or hear about. If there’s enough interest, we might still hold a meeting, but do let us know.