Fantastic! Newboot Sparc putback last night – hearty congratulations to Jan and everyone else involved! Here’s the flag day message.

I was on the testing team for this one, and it was a very long road from a testing perspective – we needed to verify that boot (and wanboot, jumpstart, cdrom and dvd booting) worked, that install and upgrade via GUI, ttinstall and jumpstart worked, that liveupgrade and flash archives worked and (more to the point) that every bit of sparc hardware we could lay our hands on came up without problems.

And, if that weren’t enough, because there was code changes for x86 as well, we needed to make sure x86 booting and installation still worked too. The test matrix for this was absolutely massive as a result, and the testing was hard to automate.

We enlisted the help of testing groups right across the whole of the company to ensure we had the widest possible coverage of different machines, and this truly was a team effort.

If you’re wondering why this is so important, PSARC 2006/525 explains more, but as well as ITUs (install-time updates) for sparc, this paves the way for ZFS Boot on sparc!