I wrote previously about Peggle, citing it as the main reason why I’d even consider running Windows [Counter Strike Source being the other] but thankfully those folks at PopCap Games have given me a way out, phew.

You can now get Peggle for the Mac – and while I don’t have a PC running Windows at home (the nearest one is up with the in-laws in Carrickfergus, and indeed, it does have Peggle installed), I do have a Mac at home.

The fact that this release coincides with the beginning of my Christmas holidays is the icing on the cake! I’m back in the office on the 4th of January – and I suspect that some of the intervening time will be spent playing Peggle. Yes, I’ve heard
ZeroPunctuation’s (hilarious) views on the game
, but I don’t care, I still like it.

Now, getting this for Java may in fact mean total world domination for a certain casual games company – any chance of it PopCap?