Hurrah, my Eee pc arrived this afternoon – thanks!. Getting my hands on one of these this side of Christmas was a challenge – Asus it seems just can’t make them fast enough, but the excellent customer service from GBAX put other (larger) retailers to shame.

I haven’t had much time to experiment around with the machine so far, but I have been able to plug an external disk with the
Indiana preview
on it, to see what’s supported.

Out of the box, it boots as far as a gdm login screen, and with an external USB keyboard, I can get to a full desktop session. In general, it’s pretty responsive and it didn’t feel like I was running on a slow machine.

As suspected, the wired nic isn’t detected, and neither is the wireless one – I’ll post prtconf and scanpci output in a while, it might just be a case of tweaking driver aliases (since Solaris has support for the ath wifi card I think)

The laptop’s keyboard also doesn’t work on boot – from a bit of playing about, doing a modunload of kb8042 and modloading it again, followed by “devfsadm -i k8042” makes the keyboard work, but on rebooting, the same problem occurs. I haven’t worked out what the problem is yet, but it’s early days and I don’t have time to experiment more tonight.

Otherwise, when running linux on the box, everything just works – the keyboard will take a bit of getting used to, but I wouldn’t give up the form-factor of this little device!

Will post more if I manage to get more stuff working under Nevada.