I just sent a mail announcement about our next IE-OSUG meeting, which is on Thursday January 31st 2008.

We haven’t managed to scare up any main presenters this month, but that’s okay – we’ve got a good deal of news to cover since we skipped a meeting in December, so we’ll roll up news from Dec and Jan to begin with.

We’re also going to try to run some Lightning Talks again – these worked pretty well the last time we did them, but they do really depend on volunteers to talk. It’s pretty easy to talk for 5 minutes about something you care about – whether that’s the latest feature in OpenSolaris, or some things that really bug you about the OS, or some ideas you have about user group activities, so hopefully we’ll get a good range of speakers – it’s up to you to participate :-)

Update 21st Jan: Please note the change of room for this meeting – it’s now on in room KA:G-026, which is on the ground floor of the (newer red-brick) Annexe building at DIT Kevin Street. I’ve updated the IE-OSUG webpage as well as the poster that’s attached to it.