I’ve got a new version of the ZFS Automatic Snapshot SMF Service finished.

This release contains two bugfixes, one pointed out by Reid Spencer, and the
other from Breandan Dezendorf – thanks for the bugs guys, much appreciated!

There’s also a small new feature in this release,

suggested on the zfs-discuss mailing list
Eric Kustarz.
That is, that the service should avoid taking snapshots when zpool
resilvering or scrubbing is happening.

I’m hoping this feature is only a temporary requirement – but
has more detail.

The implementation of this is pretty basic, but it works fine
– there’s a new property in the SMF manifest "zfs/avoidscrub",
which is set to true by default. When executing the crontab entry, if this
property is set to true, we check to see that the pool backing the dataset we’re
about to snapshot is currently mid-scrub or resilver. If it is, we report a
message to syslog, and skip the current dataset for this invocation of the
cron job.

I’ve updated the README and you can download these changes as zfs-auto-snapshot-0.10.tar.gz.

Hope this of use to people out there. As always comments and bug reports would be most welcome!