Last night/this morning Jim Hughes and others spoke at the Silicon Valley OpenSolaris Users Group about Indiana, the new packaging system (IPS) and gave some thoughts on the future of OpenSolaris.

The SVOSUG folks streamed the meeting live via, and if you happened to be awake, you could visit the streaming media site, and add comments in real-time – nice! As our user groups are so geographically dispersed, I’m really happy that Alan DuBoff and Bob Palowoda put in the work to better accommodate remote participants – US toll free numbers are only toll-free if you’re calling from the States! [ Hey, perhaps the OGB could record their meetings this way ? ]

Anyway as it turned out, last night I had a minor case of insomnia and managed to catch some of the meeting, from about 4am GMT onwards. Thankfully though, anyone who got a decent night’s sleep can still catch up, and view the recorded video of the session.

I’m more of an audio guy myself though, so I thought it might be worthwhile ripping the audio feed, and posting it for your listening pleasure. You can now find this in the Irish OpenSolaris User Group Podcast feed.

I haven’t listened to the entire meeting yet, it’s 2.5 hours long, but what I’ve heard is pretty interesting stuff. Hope you find this useful!