We held the 17th IE-OSUG meeting last Thursday – a reasonably successful night, despite everyone who got the train over from East Point arriving a bit late, myself included – sorry guys!

Mark Deegan, a lecturer from DIT kicked off the night with an ad-hoc talk about computing at DIT – he’s trying hard to get more UNIX included in the computing courses there, and is doing a pretty good job seeding the department with people who have more UNIX skills. Getting more OpenSolaris in Universities is critical to the success of the project, so huge thanks to Mark for helping out here! Some of us pointed at the curriculum docs on opensolaris.org, so perhaps snippets from this course could be scattered throughout the various courses at DIT?

Mark also made a call for feedback for ideas on how they could further utilise their pretty extensive UNIX/Solaris/SunRay lab – maybe we’ll see a few entries into the OpenSolaris Innovation Awards from DIT students as a result.

Next up, I gave a run down of the OpenSolaris news from December and January.

To finish the talks, Jan – who’s recently joined Sun, gave an amazing demo of GStreamer managing a video feed from a webcam attached to an OpenSolaris laptop. The high point of the evening for me (and I think most people in the room!) was an impromptu performance of how GStreamer could be used to do live green screen effects on OpenSolaris. In my view, the best technology demos leave the audience grinning from ear to ear, and this was no exception – seeing Jan play a video in a colour-bound area, superimposed over a live feed from the webcam was really cool! I’ve since had a few people ask for the shell history of this talk (as you can imagine, it doesn’t come over on the podcast very well!) – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save that, but Jan’s written up his presentation in a blog post – which is well worth checking out.

We didn’t have time to cover the last lightning talk – a review of ZFS since it integrated into the OpenSolaris codebase two and a half years ago. Perhaps if there’s interest in that topic, we can cover it in a future meeting. Feedback welcome.

We finished off the night with some great food & beer over at The Bull & Castle, where the chat continued till closing time :-)

I’ve got the audio now added to our podcast feed – our typical bad quality audio is somewhat worse than usual this time around, I’ve done my best to reduce noise as much as possible, but apologies for any headaches this causes – we’ll try to do better next time.