There’s an interesting discussion going on at the moment in the OpenSolaris Advocacy community, regarding a new logo for OpenSolaris.

Everyone has an opinion – the logos Glynn’s been posting aren’t bad (I like the “Circles” one, but not the “O s” ones) Lots of people have been posting their own logos for the project and have been commenting about some of the ideas out there – it’s hard to say whether all this is a done deal, or whether there’s still time for better logos to emerge.

Art is hard, and logos are even harder, I can’t even begin to imagine the aesthetic, cultural and legal aspects of designing a good logo (not to mention the technical ones!) – and in the meantime, there’s a maelstrom of ideas out there, happily churning around.

So, to further muddy the waters and mix metaphors, here’s another to add to the pool, which I prefer more than any of the current logos (as if my opinion matters! :-) I initially wrote about this idea here.

Comments welcome here, but you’re far better off joining advocacy-discuss and contributing there. I’ve posted a link on that mailing list to the svg source of the image above, so while opinions are good, actual art is better!