Just posted this to IE-OSUG mailing list:

We had a bit of a scheduling mishap with last night’s meeting, which
resulted in us deciding to cancel the meeting – we did hang around in
the lobby of DIT till about 19:30 in case anyone else showed up, but my
apologies if you missed us.

The good news, is that you still have a chance to catch Rafael’s talk
on NUMA machines and what was done in OpenSolaris to optimise
performance on them. We’re going to reschedule the meeting to a later
date, but I’d like to try to find a time that suits as many people as

On a more general note, a question to our members: how often would you
like us to hold meetings: are we just killing ourselves trying to hold
monthly meetings, or would less frequent meetings be better ?

Would you prefer more podcast content and fewer face-to-face meetings ?
Are the topics that we’ve been doing of interest to our membership ?
Are we publicising the meetings enough [ clearly not, given 5 people
showed up last night, including the 2 speakers ]

Hopefully if we can get answers to the above, we might be able to
inject more life into the user group! I’d really appreciate feedback
that people might have.