Just back from 2 weeks vacation (had a great time, very relaxing, but
I’m currently scaling mountains of laundry and email simultaneously) and I’m
just starting into what’s going to be my last week working in the ZFS
Test group.

Before I left for our holidays in Spain, I found out that I’d been
offered a job I’d been interviewing for – a position in the xVM
development group
. So I’m not going to be working in OpenSolaris QE anymore
– rather than trying to find bugs in bits of OpenSolaris, I’m now going to
be actively trying to avoid putting them in to begin with!

Specifically, the xVM guys wanted someone to help out with their gate-keeping work, freeing up John a bit more to work on other
stuff. The timing here is good I think – we use Mercurial to manage the
xVM gates, and as you know there’s a project ongoing to move the rest of
ON development over from Teamware to Mercurial (the SCM Migration project) so my
getting involved here seems like a pretty exciting place to start. I’m expecting to be swooshing along a fairly steep learning curve quite soon – wish me luck!

For now, I’m going to be spending the rest of the week catching up on
email, and making sure there’s no loose ends with the ZFS test suite
development work that I’d been helping with. As soon as I’ve found my feet in the new group, I’ll let you know how things are going.

ZFS is still a rather exciting project to be involved with, so I’ll try to keep up to date with what’s happening (and intend to continue maintaining my automatic snapshot utilities, of course) – I’ve learnt a great deal during my time on Solaris QE, and will definitely miss working with the fantastic engineers who built ZFS – you guys rock!

Oh, and no – I know nothing about gin joints either!