Yow – October already, how did that happen? I’m a bit late with August’s OpenSolaris monthly news, and now September’s has piled up on me as well. I’ll try to get them out soon – not enough hours in the day.

In the meantime, I remain very busy with xVM Server work, and my sideline project of getting ZFS Automatic Snapshots into Solaris is hopefully just about done – the status on that, is that I putback the zfssnap role last week to the ON source tree, and the Desktop consolidation have delivered SUNWzfs-auto-snapshot to the WOS already, so we’ll have the ZFS Automatic Snapshot service in nv_100 – w00t :-)

Back to the day-job: one of the things that popped out of the gate work for the xVM Server product, was a growing frustration with the older version of hg we’re using to manage the xVM and xVM-Server gates. We need support for webrev -r to be able to produce readable webrevs for source trees being managed by Mercurial MQ, and had been maintaining our own private copy of hg and the cdm module for a long time.

We’re still not quite at the level where we can move off it entirely, but I was able to spend some time alleviating the problem by a quick bit of ksh hackery. The attachment I sent to the scm-migration-dev mailing list, patch-webrev.ksh makes for slightly nicer webrevs of MQ patches. So, no longer do you have to try to get your head around diffs of diffs. (yuck!)

I suspect this script won’t scale for very large source trees, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Hope you find it useful.

Update (later that day): johnlev spotted a bug in my script where it was reporting more changes that had actually been made in the patch. I’ve got a new version here which does the trick. I’ve fixed the link above too.